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What Truly Matters in Your Life?

In 2016, I was medical compromised from an eating disorder. I flew from North Carolina to Utah to be admitted for care at an eating disorder facility that was unable to keep me due to my low heart rate (HR) (a common symptom of malnutrition).

I sat on the hospital bed thinking back on my life, realizing how much time I spent chasing achievements and titles that were leading me further and further away from what mattered in life.

However, even that catalytic event wasn't enough to change my behaviors at the time. When I accepted that the treatment facility could not keep me, I flew back to NC and went back into residency.

It has taken me several years (and a few more rock bottoms) to sit with the discomfort of knowing that societal pressures often drive us away from what truly matters in life- And then change. Awareness is often the first and necessary step. Then, sitting in the discomfort as we reclaim the narrative and get in tune with what truly matters in our lives.

I invite you to pause. Get curious - As we have blindspots, talking with a trusted friend, therapist, or coach is often illuminating and will enable us to see our patterns with more clarity.

Then, consider:

Where are you living in alignment?

Where do you need to course correct?

Societal values often lead many of us astray, but the good news is that we can course correct! Are you ready to get back in to the driver's seat of your life?

If you'd like support, I'm here to help you navigate. We are not meant to navigate this world alone... nor live for the expectations and values of others.

I invite you to discover (or rediscover) what it means to live a life true to you.

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