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Command Purpose: Support For Women Military Members & Leaders

3 weeks ago, I had the incredible experience of joining with other women military veterans and leaders in the Command Purpose Flagship Program.

When I was medically discharged from the military in 2017, it was a time when I had just completed medical school while in oral and maxillofacial surgery residency, was up for promotion and had the full support from my military leadership for retention.

At the time, I was also processing grief of loved ones who passed unexpectedly and facing more than the challenges of being a surgical resident. Albeit, my brain didn't allow me to factor that into my mental well-being at the time. I felt weak and didn't see my value which impacted how I showed up for myself when I appealed my discharge hoping to stay in the military.

When I was medically discharged from a service I loved, the additional grief from career and identity loss led to isolation. I isolated in guilt and shame while navigating burnout, moral injury, and survivor's guilt- all of which I can name now but didn't have the words for back then.

My transition was lonely and isolating - many of us feel destabilized during times of transition and increased levels of uncertainty.

As I face another period of transition, I was led to Command Purpose. The Command Purpose Flagship Program provided me, now, what I didn't know I needed back in 2017 - A community of authentic humans who "get it", genuine support, and a space to "be" without judgment. A space to process and ground when the floor seems to be spinning.

If you are a woman active duty military member, veteran, or ally in a transition and seeking support and/or someone who is interested in supporting this program to help others gain access to the incredible opportunity, please find more information on how to apply as an applicant to the Flagship Program or to become a partner here:

The video linked below is from the last workshop which beautifully captures the experience so well- and what stands out to me is all the laughter. Most of us didn't know one another before this program, and I personally haven't laughed as much as I did with these women in years. The program reminded me of who I am and how to experience the full spectrum of emotions. I highly recommend checking it out if you feel you may benefit or this mission resonates with a cause you'd like to support.

Feel free to reach out to me with any questions!

Command Purpose Workshop III Video:

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