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Carpe Diem & Command (Your) Purpose

Sharing this lovely view from porch yoga with a group of women military active duty members and veterans. Celebrating the finals days together of an incredible 10-week Command Purpose Flagship Program.

During the program, we gained clarity on our core values and mission. We identified our strengths and how to leverage them for the greater good of a purpose much greater than ourselves. We developed tools to navigate uncertainty with a supportive community which makes all the difference as transitional periods are often unstable and isolating.

I look forward to paying forward the gifts of this program to others and living out my mission of creating brave spaces for people to feel seen, valued, and appreciated for who they are- detaching worthiness from achievements.

I remain dedicated to helping others to live a life true to themselves, free from societal expectations, pressures, and narratives that often lead us astray from what matters most in our lives.

As I walk away from this trip, I feel called to remind those reading this- you are never alone on your journey. You are worthy. You are enough. You have unique gifts, strengths, and stories that only you can provide this world. Your voice matters. Your story matters. You matter.

I am so very glad you are here.

Much love,


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