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Rediscover Your Authentic Self
Live the Life You Truly Desire

Societal expectations  and striving to obtain external validation may lead us on a path that's not in alignment with our authentic desires. Ready to get back on track and live a more fulfilling life? 

Feeling lost or stuck?

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Coaching Philosophy

It's not about the titles. Period.

Dentistry. Medicine. Oral Medicine. Cancer Researcher. Military Veteran. ​

Enough was enough. After I stopped chasing the emptiness of external validation, I started seeking my way from within.

As a coach, I help clients escape the trap of placing their self-worth and value on titles, income, or external approval.

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You Are WorthyYou Are Enough. 

I don't need your CV to know that.

Too often, we seek our value and worth outside of ourselves. 

We are looking in all the wrong places.


Look within.

Life Philosophy

Let's Partner Together!

Need improved self-compassion and better boundaries?
Feeling stuck or lost?
Undergoing a big transition?
Need extra support to accomplish your visions?
Need just a little more support to get through Mondays?
I'll meet you where you're at.

You're in the driver's seat. Buckle up. I'll help you navigate.

My Story

After years of navigating a life threatening level of burnout, career transitions, identity loss and deep diving into personal healing- life and leadership coaching completely transformed my life's trajectory. Now, I "live it to give it" and pay forward the amazing benefits of coaching.

As a coach, I specialize in partnering with clients as they work to reconnect with their essential selves, often during times of burnout and transitions in career and life. I support individuals in exploring their authentic goals, establishing boundaries, and navigating best next steps in their journeys towards living the life they truly desire. 

Coaching Services

All coaching sessions are 1:1 and held virtually over Zoom

Discovery Call

Let's connect and discuss your goals and if coaching together would be helpful for your journey! 

Individual Session

Ready to jump in? Schedule 1 session at a time at a cadence that works for your schedule and your life! 

3-month Package

Ready to commit for a 3-month partnership of bi-weekly coaching sessions? This plan is for you!

Ready to Jump In or Toe in the Water? Reach out! Let's discuss! 

Disclaimer: Services are for coaching, only. No medical services or advice will be provided. 

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