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Rediscover Your Authentic Self & Live the Life You Truly Desire

Freedom From Societal Pressures 

Are you a high achiever seeking more agency, confidence and clarity in your life? You're in the right place! 

Welcome Back
To Yourself! 

From Pain to Purpose

From 2016-21, my medical condition cycled to life-threatening lows.

What I remember the most from the hospitalizations is the pain of loneliness. My strongest relationship was with work.

Don't wait until your life depends on it to live differently.

Permission To Pivot - I'm here to help.

Feeling Lost?

Conforming to societal expectations and striving for external validation often drives us away from inner peace and happiness. Trying to "fit in" rather than be true to ourselves leaves us unwell and lonely. It's time to develop a compassionate relationship with yourself, create a fulfilling life grounded on your core values, find a community where you belong and stop abandoning your needs and dreams to please others.

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Eager to Climb the Ladder?

I'll help you make sure it's against the right wall... and that you're not climbing away from what matters more to you. I'll be your spotter and support you each step of the way.

Life Philosophy

You Are Worthy. You Are Enough

I don't need your CV to know that.

Too often, we seek our value and worth outside of ourselves. 

We are looking in all the wrong places.


Look within.

Feeling stuck, empty, or lost?

Undergoing a big life or career transition?

Tired of your inner critic and ready to build more self-compassion? 

Worn out from people pleasing and ready to develop boundaries? 
Not sure what you want, but know it's not "this"? 
I'll meet you where you're at.

You're in the driver's seat. Buckle up. I'll help you navigate.

Let's Partner Together!

I wore the "badge of honor" for hard work and self-sacrifice, fast-tracking my way to become an Air Force Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon. "I'll be worthy when..." I thought.

But that "when" never came. The more achievements I pursued, the emptier I became.


After years pursuing the empty promises, navigating a life-threatening illness, burnout, moral injury, career transitions, and identity loss, I had enough. While deep diving into personal healing- life and leadership coaching completely transformed my life's trajectory. Now, I "live it to give it" and pay forward the amazing benefits of coaching to fellow high achievers who've abandoned parts of themselves while pursuing societal definitions of "success."

As a coach, I specialize in partnering with clients as they work to reconnect with their essential selves, often during times of burnout and transitions in career and life. I support individuals in exploring their authentic goals, establishing boundaries, and navigating best next steps in their journeys towards living the life they truly desire - free from societal pressures that lead us astray.

Outside of coaching, I am an avid endurance runner and dedicated dog mom.

Read more about my background HERE. 


Quotation marks
"Jillian's dedication to helping people identify who they really are and what they genuinely want in life shines through in her coaching. It can be difficult to admit these things to ourselves and others, but Jillian guides her clients through this process with ease while allowing them to live authentically. She has impeccable communication skills and is truly an asset to the field of coaching. Her coaching has enabled me to uplevel my personal and professional life and I can't thank her enough." 

Get Empowered!
(And remember what it's like to have fun!)

Photo featuring Fit Boss Doc, Dr. Dianah T. Lake, MD at the Emerge Stronger 2024 Conference for Women Physicians and Dentists 

Coaching Services

All coaching sessions are 1:1, 60 minutes and held virtually over Zoom

Discovery Call

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Toe in the Water?

Interested in coaching? We'll start with an e-mail introduction and review of your goals. If this coaching partnership may be a good fit, we will hop on a call to meet each other or you can schedule a session!

Coaching Sessions
1 Session

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Need Flexibility?

Schedule 1 session at a time!

Coaching Package
6 Sessions

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Ready for a Deep Dive?

Commit to 6 sessions. We will plan for bi-weekly or monthly sessions depending on your goals and needs.

Contact me to find
your way back to yourself.

Get in touch

Coaching services, only.
No medical or dental advice.

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